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  • CashCall
  • Mar 15
  • #809911

I was making payments / cashcall was taking money before set date of wtihdrawl/ after, funny my bank will show balance , next day im overdrawn. Check with bank,they stated it was cashcall took withdrawl. Yes i have proof. Add comment

I would like to know how come Cashcall never answers phone call. As I have a small loan an it sure should be paid off by now. What are they a bunch of chickens that are afraid to answer question.. If they happen to read any of these they have got the last payment out of me. I believe that they are not a true loan place and that they take money from people and that is it nothing least then a scam like so many other scams that are out there. Read more

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I took a loan with Cash Call because hours weren't enough at work and I was falling behind on Bills so i thought I could catch up. It helped but than work slowed down they cut my pay so all of a sudden I couldn't make the payments. Cashcall started mailing letters calling my job. So than i couldn't take it anymore. I moved stores and loss my cellphone bc I couldn't pay for that. They kept trying to take the money out of my account so i had to... Read more

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I took out a loan with cash call in 2012 for 2,500. I called them after paying on the loan for over 18 months trying to get the interest lowered and payment. The constant beeping throughout entire conversation of course being recorded only to be told sorry. I call back again 6 months later to be told that I am a rare customer and have never defaulted on my loan or been late that they will lower the interest but by very much and lower the... Read more

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I took out a loan for $2,500 in August 2012 with Cash Call. I still owe them over $2,000 and it will be 4 year in August 2016. I have called them asking them could they please lower the interest rate and payment, throughout the conversation the continuous beeping of them recording they told me they could drop it down to like 111% and payment 253.00 instead of 289.00. I feel I have paid them off long ago, but I don't know where to begin to put an... Read more

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Even though I called them that I was going to be paying them late with late fees, they continue to call me everyday, at least ten times a day, from telephone numbers from all over the country. I thought there are laws against "loan sharks" like Cash Call. Yea, most of us fell for their ploy, but give me a break. Over 100% in interest rates? Ideal solution to all our problems with Cash Call: Have the feds shut them down permanently along with... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • CashCall
  • Sep 28, 2015
  • #707304

I have not been successful in paying off this loan...this was a major major mistake. NEVER AGAIN with Cash Call. Add comment

I received 2 phone calls asking me to pay a loan I did not borrow. I did not sign the loan documents. I sent them a Cease and Desist letter and they replied not to me but to another party. It looks like I will have to get an attorney and issue legal action against them. I hope to post how this turns out. Its hard to file complaints on this company because one loans the money and another collects the money. They are located in 2 states. Also they... Read more

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I am like everyone else I needed a loan got the loan now have been paying for two years and my balance is still 2,500 with a loan of 2,600 the pay off balance is 2,856 they take money for late fees when ever they want without notice even though I'm told there are no late fees til after the 15th of the month and it's due at the first this company should be put out of business and have to repay everyone back the money they have already put into... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • CashCall
  • Jul 21, 2015
  • #669298

Cash Call company is a thief and a ***. They go after people who paid their account claiming they never did. After you provide evidence, they continue hiring bogus collection companies to make calls threatening people. Add comment

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