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I borrowed $5,000 4 years ago from cash call, After paying each month at a $254.00. I have now paid over $12,000 to this account. Now i am in a finacial bind. I am late to them 3 months. What can i do?

I feel the monies I borrowed 4 years ago have been met, plus overage. The mutilple calls I receive each day is on real, The principle is that I borrowed $5,000 and paid back $5,000 dollars including $7,000 more. I would like to close this account as is. I requested a full payment history showing all payments made against this account, but have not seen anything yet.



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I borrowed the same and have never been late untill I needed a couple of months to not pay to catch up on other bill and I have paid back about 15,000 at 254 a month what can I do to stop this cycle???


if payments were direct debited you can get on internet banking and view your statements for the last four years you need only print those pages with payment debits. It will be a tedious process but you should obtain your full history. :)

Adrian, Georgia, United States #24600

The only time anyone should use any type of quick cash service is when they know they can pay it off in full when the very first payment is due.

That keeps the high intrest rate charge down to the one time.

If I use it, it is because I need the money to make a whole lot more right now and can pay it right back.

Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy #24386

MAN! Who doesn't think to read the fine print.

If one borrows a loan of 2500 from, the final payback amount is over 9000.00. Hello!! I am confused how a person could even justify to them selves to take such a risk. How does now being 9000.00 in debt take care of a 2500.00 debt.

I would have to be heavily medicated/drunk every minute of the day just to live with myself.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, yes. But not of ignorance.

Kamas, Utah, United States #10169

I understand that people come up on hard times, but what in the world happens that you have to come up with 5000 dollars immediately? As for your argument, by the time I am done paying my student loans (with just paying the minimum, which I don't intend to do) I will have paid $22,000 in interest on a $25,000 loan.

Try to call up Sallie Mae and tell them that you've paid the initial 25k off in a couple years.

These people are offering you a service. You read the fine print and took the money, now you can't pay it back. That's not their problem.

They're in business because of profiting off of people who have bad credit, no financial intelligence, or someone who hits really hard times. There are other options, please RESEARCH before taking some loan out for 99.25% interest!

Hubbard, Texas, United States #9632

loan calculators are available on if you paid 312.00 a month, you would have paid it off by now. NEVER pay the minimum

Monaca, Pennsylvania, United States #8216

Should've read your agreement thoroughly dude. Sucks to be you.

Marion, North Carolina, United States #6432

But you had no problem taking the $5000, they gave you the money when no one else would. Have you seen the interest rate on those its all on the website(there's some at 96% without prepay).

Your only paying the minimum monthly payment of course your still going to owe if the rates are that high. Think about it!

Tivoli, New York, United States #5724

You have to read the fine print. No one just wants to give you money!

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