This Company should be shut down. It was the worse decision I have ever made. All complaints should be collected and sent to the BBB.

Please think twice before you call.

My Attorney friend said if you get behind, send them a letter saying simply DO NOT CALL ME ANYMORE. If they continue log/record the calls then you have a right to sue them.

Lets fight back............

He also told me that after his clint sent a letter saying "DO NOT CONTACT ME" THEY CONTINUED TO CALL 144 MORE TIMES. They sued Cashcall and won.

I hope this helps someone!

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I'm pretty sure that isn't what the person was saying. I took out a payday loan years ago; I can't even remember the company name anymore.

However, two weeks before my first payment date, they called me about 20 times telling me that I was 5 months behind in payment. I had only had the loan for a month at that point. Finally, I blocked the number that they continuously called from. About 20 minutes later, I received a call from a Florida number.

The man on the other end told me that there was a warrant for my arrest and the police were on their way to my house because I had stole thousands of dollars from his company. I asked the man to hold and called the local police department who laughed in the mans face and told him that it was a civil matter but if he continued calling me, I could have him arrested for harassment. The man hung up and called back from yet another number, telling me that they were going to take all the money out of my bank account if I didn't give them a credit card number right there to pay off the loan in full. I called the bank and had a hold put all the funds in my account.

Within the next month, they tried to withdraw a total of five thousand dollars. The loan that I took out was only for $350. I actually had to file criminal charges and take legal action to get them to stop harassing me. In the end, I offered to pay them back the money I borrowed because, even if they did cause me ***, I had borrowed money from them.

The lady that I talked to told me I had a pay off of $4,000 because of the "legal fees" I caused them. That was the first and last time I EVER did a loan like that again.


So your saying we should all scam "Cashcall"?

Your saying we should all take out loans and not pay them and when they call to collect we send them a letter saying " do not call me!" then sue them when they do call to get THEIR money back !

Wow!! Shame on you!

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