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Ok I have been reading some of this post on here. I have to say that I am in the same boat. Three years ago my car broke down so I got a loan for 2500 since I had bad credit I didn't have any were else to go I went to cash call. I payed them 252 dollars a month for 2 years. I was losing my job I called them and asked to help with the interest, they said that they wouldn't and I still owed 2500 on the account. If you add up what I payed it was over 6000. So I closed my checking account and know it is in collections.

So I have an Idea, I think this company is guilty of predatory lending because I think they pray on people with bad credit and the poor. I know that was the case with me. And I think that rich people and people with good credit could get a loan with a good company. I say that we STAND up as a group and lets file a class action law suit. I would like to get everyone that had a loan with cash call that had bad credit together and let's fight this. We could all put money into a pot and get a lawyer. TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS LETS STOP CASH CALL. SO email me and lets go

PS..To those that say that cash call is in the right. SCREW that man yes we signed a contract but that still does not give cash call the right to screw us over we needed the money they preyed on our bad times.

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Monetary Loss: $2500.

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I say we start a class action suit against cash call.


Cash Call is a nightmare to deal with.Seems I'm always paying a late fee when I pay more than the monthly payment to cover these "so called late fees" It's as if I've never paid it and they keep tacking it on over time it's grown causing my monthly payment to be triple triple the actual amount of the fee.

They would harass me every day with calls, emails and letters. Interestingly they never put the balance of the loan amount in writing, but always sends letters with the monthly amount along with all sorts of fees. No matter how much I pay every month, the amount never seems to go down. I've had this 5K loan since feb 2007.

I still owe the same amount. That's insane. I am trying to get a loan to pay them off. Strangely they haven't called me ever since I sent them an email about reporting them to my lawyer for all the harassment.

There is a company willing to help.They are Krohn & Moss.


CashCall does prey on those of us with bad credit.I know I am responsible for what I did.

But,my God, you can never get these people paid off.

I have recently contacted a PaydayLoan Debt Assistance Program to help me get out of this *** hole.I hope it works and I hope they will work with the Program.

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