I borrowed money from these loan shark crooks and have paid the loan back PLUS $2000 and I still have a balance of $200 less than the original loan amount! DON'T BORROW MONEY FROM THESE PEOPLE, they are rude, offensive, and will not help you at all!

Please adhere to this warning, they will rob you of everything you have. I've been waiting to receive my original loan documents and payment history and they still haven't sent it! I've been paying for 3 years and now they want me to pay another 3.5 years!

They are evil and should be destroyed!

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Did you get the loan in California? I'm interested in looking at the contract. Give me an email to telefaxl80@yahoo.com


Szarvas, Bekes, Hungary #207739

They outlawed these awful places in Arizona- they take advantage of naive and uneducated consumers. Sorry you got ripped off. Tell EVERYBODY !


why would you borrow money at over 100% interest? now you complain.

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