this is for the complainers, i actually am an employee for CashCall, inc , so let me explain a little bit about how our company works and why you as the debtor has the issue and not us...first of all the information is disclosed in the loan before the monies are wired, second is you responsibility as a consumer to take care of your bills..i guess what i dont understand is how u could bash the company that u needed something from when you wasnt when u borrowed the money. As a adult you shoud personally be ashamdof yourself for having bad credit because if u didnt wouldnt have gotten a loan with us.

so the next time u decide to blame someone look at urself in the mirror and point the finger back abd get ur life together so that u wont have to be in such a tight bind again to wgere u have to get a high intrest loan..

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #647803

Does anyone know who Cashcall uses as a debt collector?


If they write their contracts the way this *** wrote his post, they need to hire someone who can write correctly not with a hood rat slang. "You has the obligation",you wasn't"....

Dumb ***!

Go try to impress your mamma ! Mr.$9.00 an hour.

to jake9955 #601594





Hey @Cash Call is awesome All you keep talking about is people should have known what they were getting into yet you completely ignored the posts about HARRASSMENT and the way they talk to their customers. That IS NOT OK I dont give a flying *** how past somoene is.

Cash Call is *** and the loan is ILLEGAL. You got the loan with Western Sky who is not licensed in any state. They sold it to CASH CALL What does that mean you say??? ILLEGAL!!

You only owe the blance not all the interest ALSO for those of us in WA State Companies cannot loan out over $700 so again ILLEGAL. Why do you go kiss cash calls *** a little more. Get off you high horse.

I took the loan and even though it is ILLEGAL I have every intention on paying it back as I have morals. The point here is the way they go about it NOT willing to work with you (me) rude harrassing etc etc is NOT right at all and they are looking at the next lawsuit RIGHT HERE.


You know what, if this is your way of explaining to someone about what you do

You are an ***!

Let me tell you something, I paid my entire loan. For $5000 loan

I paid over $13,500.00 in 3 years total!!!

You are right you do stayed that the loan is coming with CRAZYYYYYY apr!

But for someone that is in trouble he doesn’t really care.

I am working in very strong news paper, and I am working on page that has designed only for you guys.

You will read about it.

And hopefully you all can look for a new job

Good Luck


You must be the Janitor. Otherwise I don't care how much money Cash Call makes, they're going to go broke hiring folks like you.

Your writing skills are that of a 3rd grader and a *** one at that. You hardly make any sense. With a great deal of effort, I was able to understand that you seem to think everyone who happens to get down on their luck and needs a hand is somehow a bad person. How *** are you?

Things happen to good people all the time.

I made over 350 K a year. My wife and two of my kids got cancer. My employer closed shop and fired everyone on the same day.

Not one minutes notice. I was then in a hit and run accident. I have exhausted all my insurances on my family and I's health needs. I can't leave my house per my injuries from the drunk who hit me.

My wife has passed. I borrowed, refinanced, held fund raisers and one day I had to borrow a little money. When it comes to taking care of your family, nothing matters. Especially taking on a risky loan.

I have not defaulted on the loan once. I have paid back over 12k and still owe 4500 on a 5k loan. Cash Call has made over a 200% profit. If I can't get to a better place financially, I will end up paying them over 21k with my payment plan.

*** you if you think they are right in what they do. I promise you don't have good credit. You are full of ***. You are probably one of those people who thinks cops should only shoot people in the leg.

I know you are a nobody. Yes we need to take responsibility, but you have any business judging others by your criteria. I am judging you now because you have more than surpassed reasonable doubt that you are truly an Neanderthal. Cash call is absolutely in the business of taking advantage of the down and out.

The definition of greed. They purposelessly have ridiculous fees to cover the ridiculous loans they already know won't be paid back by a great deal of their victims. People are often down and out these days from the economy and are now faced with desperate measures. Back in the day immigrants tried to make a better life for families.

Many fell into unforeseen or uncontrollable circumstances that lead them to borrow from loan sharks. Do you judge them for trying to feed their families? I just know you are ***. The fact that you take pride in squeezing others.

The tactics cash call uses has already cost them a million dollar settlement and more will follow. Still you speak highly of them. I would love to just smack the *** out you. I'm an *** for letting you get to me.

My only solace is that I am speaking out for others. I just realized something. How *** can I be. You don't work for them.

You are just pretending to be a grown up. Nice try kid.

Maybe you will make it to the six grade. Good luck.


cash call is a bunch of fucken faggots nobody should pay them and they wont do ***. if they threaten to sue you call the federal trade commission on their ***.


I say we get together in fountain valley and torch this place. Let get rid of their records and our worries will be gone for good.


The same ignorant you worte this information is probably the same person who is harraing you. Louis Ocha is the biggest *** here and he is the one to blame for this.

Cantact the attprney general they know cash call well. RECORD EVERYTHING!!!

And demand a modicfication. If they refuse to help you have a case.

Schneizlreuth, Bayern, Germany #24103

I honestly cant believe the hostility from the people who think cash call is great. The orginal poster here sounds like a complete ***, I have never had such a hard time reading anything in my life.

I WAS going to get a loan from cash call , BUT now im not going to. Im getting ready to move from Arizona to Ohio and would have been nice to have the extra cash on hand. Then i started reading all these forums about how bad they are. $2500 would take me over 3 years to pay off freaking ***. Not to mention the way they go about trying to collect their money.

I honestly feel for those of you who got taken advantage of by this company , wish there was some thing that someone could do about this.

For those of you who are actually supporting the company, then putting down the other people for posting how hard of a time they are having with the company. I just cant believe you, both of the people that are putting people down on this forum recieved a loan from cashcall give me a break. If you where so *** smart then you should have never have gotten in the situation that you where in that you needed to recieve a high interest loan. The name calling really honestly was not necassary at all either. Take a step back and look at your self before you go putting other people down like you both did and should both be very ashamed of your selvs

Independence, Ohio, United States #17514

Amount Paid to Borrower Directly: $2,525.00

Prepaid Finance Charge/Origination Fee: $75.00


I have been paying cash call for 1 year 1 month on a loan of 2,525.00 and will not be done paying it off until Oct 1, 2010 of a grand total of $9,163.37


The cost of my credit as a yearly rate

99.02 %


The dollar amount the credit will cost me



One payment of $285.88 on May 01, 2007.

40 monthly payments of $216.55 beginning on June 01, 2007.

One payment of $215.49 on October 01, 2010. :(


I am currently employed at CashCall right now as a collector. Although, They are not a collection agency...the collections department is approx. 500 strong and growing. This is the most illegal collection department that i have ever worked for. I have met people who have worked for Shekinah and NCO who now work at CashCall, and they say we are 10 times more illegal. Everyday it is hilarious hearing not just one but all collectors telling 3rd party's or whoever answers the line that they are from the sheriff's, attorney's, legal department, fraud department, court house, and investigation department. They threaten suit, garnishments, actually anything they can think of. The crazy part about it is that all the management knows and they are ok with it. The motto there is "Do what you have to get the money". so whether you are 30-60-90 days late ...you will get these threats guaranteed. I don't consider these guys good collectors they are just total thugs. As a collector myself i never thought i would say this, but i feel bad for the debtor..96% interest. is that even legal.. If you are a customer with CashCall and you are late as little as 30 days...record the phone call,,,you will have an instant lawsuit. "

the company fails to provide copies of contracts or other disclosures concerning the terms and conditions of the loan agreements. Many customers complain that they are being charged userous interest rates in violation of the State law in which they reside. Other complainants report harrassment in the form of extreme or hardcore collection practices which they claim are unnecessasarily used. Customers report the company makes repeated calls to friends and co-workers used as references causing them embarrassment, distress, and jeopordizing their employment. Other complainants allege company representatives treat them like criminals, use threats and rude remarks concerning their families, and threaten them with physical contact if payments are not received.

The company responds to complaints by disputing the complainants allegations, claiming they act in accordance with all state and federal regulations. In some cases, they do issue credits. Allegations of abusive collection tactics are generally not addressed. "


Written by Jack, on 17-05-2008 03:57

I work for them. I know they are worried about lawsuits. Our company has allowed the reps and associates to harrass the *** out of you people. Now that there's changes being made because of the lawsuits all of the reps are being watched very closely. Im not trying to justify anything. Blame Louis Ochoa for letting this all go down. Our CUSTOMERS never should have treated this way. They deserve better. He did nothing while reps were harrassing customers and threatning the customers with lawsuits. Finally Paul Reddam steps in because he dosent want to pay anymore lawsuits from the customers. It's to late Reddam. Your employees hate working there because of people like Ochoa who they cant trust. You work them like slaves and treat them like dirt. And now you wonder why the customers feel harrased? Put that carrot out there that we work so hard for and now you act like you care about the customer? Never. He only cares about MONEY. On behalf of the GOOD employees who actually care about our customer, I appologize for what you have to go through. Record everything. Keep track of multiple calls. Always remember, there talk is cheap. They lie about everything.

Lake Park, Iowa, United States #16024

I want to address the issue of Cash Call and responsibility for paying debts.

I owe less than $1500 left on my debt with Cash Call. I have had the good fortune of being able to pay my bills on time, I am up for a substantial raise soon and I work a second job. I will have the luxary of either paying Cash Call off in the next 3 months or save subtantial amounts of money and pay them over the remaining time of the loan.

I bring up the above points not to brag but to establish my right to agree with the poor debtees that have been enslaved by CashCall.

It is true that one should understand the interest rates when one signs a loan.

It is also true that when one's credit is damaged, not many options are available to obtain a loan at reasonable rates.

However two wrongs do not make a right. Paying $5000.00 back on a $2500 loan would be fair, not $9000 on a $2500 loan.

An occasional missed payment should not warrant excessive automatic redial call backs. That is cruel and unusual punishment.

No matter how you mathmatically calculate the loan or interpret the technical legality of the loan, this loan is ethically unfair. Taking advantage of the desparate even if the desparate have brought it upon themselves (such as me) does not justify cruel and unusual punishment.

Again, things are looking up for me in ways I could not have imagined just 3 months ago. I know I will have my loan paid out soon. Even if I lost my job, my vacation time alone could cover the rest of the loan and I would still have subtanial amounts of money left.

I am not whinnng but stating the hard cold facts from a human perspective just as those who defend Cash Call are stating hard cold facts from the legal, mathmatical and contractual points of view.

I will always pray for those whose lives are ensnared and enslaved in the United States by such a cruel company.

God Bless You All.

Energodar, Zaporiz'ka Oblast', Ukraine #13414

LOL. First off, if you are going to tell others to check their spelling, you should check yours. Anonymous for your sake writes "which is why they charge such a high rate, so that they can right off, ", don't you mean WRITE off?

Second, really people, come on. I do not think Cash Call is awesome, as my name suggests, BUT, if they can give you a loan and want to charge 99% interest, who's to say they can't, as long as they advise you of their policies? I have a loan with Cash Cal, which I am not proud of, but I took the loan because I was in jeapordy of losing my job and didn't want the co-signer on my car to have damaged credit if I did lose my job and couldn't make my car payment. My Cash Call loan paid off my car. I was told when I obtained the loan that the interest was 99% and the representative that gave me the loan even advised me that it is meant to be a short term loan that I should only get if I an pay it back in a few months. He even told me when my loan would be paid off if I made the minimum payments of 200 per month.

All the information is in the documents YOU signed. The only thing you can blame a company like Cash Call for is such a high interest rate, however, if you read your doc's or at least asked, you would have known before getting the loan that your rate was so high. I don't understand how you can say they are operating illegally when YOU signed the docs.

I used to work for 2 different subprime mortgage companies, I heard complaints day in and day out with one of the companies that people were lied to and what they signed wasn't what they were told. Whereas this situation is probably true, that they were told one interest rate but the papers they signed had the REAL interest rate on them, those particular borrowers did not read the paperwork. It is common knowledge that if you take out a cash loan, a home or car loan, or any loan for that matter that you should read the paperwork before you sign. Don't blame that company if you were lied to, blame that representative that lied to you. Even more, blame yourself for not reading the doc's.

I am sitting here reading all these complaints, however the people complaining don't seem to be able to even put together a simple sentence without grammer and spelling errors all over the place. That makes me wonder if they were even able to read there documents from Cash Call.

I am not defending Cash Call in any way shape or form, however I am trying to convey to you what YOUR responsibility is in this. You know you could lose your job at any time for whatever reason. You, and only YOU know what your financial situation would be if you did lose your income. Your payment is due on a specific day and Cash Call, or any other company for that matter HAVE the right to call you anytime they want after that due date. It IS legal for them to leave you messages. And for the *** that said they were calling your neighbors and family, DUH. You didn't mention how delinquent,(past due) your loan was. I'll bet you money that you were more than 1 month overdue AND that you probably ignored Cash Call's calls to you as well as never called them back. There is a technique called skip tracing. Yes, if you owe a company money, and they don't have contact with you for a period of time, they will use LEGAL measures to contact you. they can use 411, or companies that charge to find personal information on people. You can find those companies all over the internet. ***, if you search a person on 411.com, they offer, if you pay a small fee, information on that person such as addresses and other personal information which is PUBLIC. There are companies that only do this type of work and cater to collection companies and other companies of this sort.

All in all, I'm just trying to say, get your heads out of your A@$es, wake up and smell the coffee. I got a loan with Cash Call, thinking I would have it paid off in no time. I then made a *** decision and am still paying on that loan. I am paying that loan off this week. Cash Call was a bad choice for me, but that is not Cash Calls fault. Don't blame a company for your personal stupidity and lack of knowledge and common sense. GEt rid of your $30,000.00 truck or car and get something more affordable. Don;t buy a car that gets 17 miles to the gallon. Don't blame a company because you lost your job and can't pay. That is not their fault or responsibility to help you if they don't want to. You know the rules when you begin the game, don;t be a poor sport if you lose. If you don;t know the rules, then don't play. IDIOTS.

Saga-Shi, Saga, Japan #13143

Seems to me that Cash Call will be seeing the pit's of *** very, very soon!!!

Kennewick, Washington, United States #10986

Although I agree that there should be regulation on lenders' usurious practices, initiating any loan knowing that the interest rate is 99.25% APR is foolish at best. This is akin to rewiring your house while the electricity is still live because you don't know where the breakers are located.

Caveat Emptor!

Bucoda, Washington, United States #10865

I agree with Anonymous for your sake. First of all please go back to English 101.

Then go to Economics 101. As a consumer and past CashCall debtor as you call us I know that your company do write off their loans. I went into default with my loan and came out on top anyway. I had a 2500 dollar loan plus 1200 in fees and my loan got sold to Monterey Financials and CashCall tried to take me through the National Arbitration Forum.

First, I won my claim in the arbitration because they case was ridiculous due to the fact I was a responsible borrower and asked for an extention. Second, I paid Monterey a fraction of the cost that was lower than the actual loan and its fees.

Yeah I paid my debt off under 1500 so whatever you are implying about your company, you need to go back to training. Thanks CashCall for being such idiots.

Gordonville, Texas, United States #9561

I'm glad you think this company is so great. You must have money coming out of your *** if you can afford to make you monthly payments and still smile about it.

Yes, we did take the loan, thought it could be payed back in a reasonable amount of time. Things change and so does finances so sit on your high horse and put down the hard working that work for minimun pay. Must be nice not to worry about paying your bills buying groceries and putting high priced gas in your car. Keep smiling and pray that you never have problems paying your bills.

Thanks God someone can see the future when they sign the contracts. :x

Freeport, Texas, United States #9517

Hey folks these people are loan sharks. The only thing they are in business is to steal as much as possible from the consumer.

Bottom line though in another time they would all be in prison for their "legal" activities. However in today's world money is King, Queen, Prince, and Princess. Money is everything, and firms like this have a free and very legal hand in stealing from unsuspecting consumers. As to the poster.

PLEASE learn how to write. You must be a great example of your firm.

Arrogant, literate, and judgemental as all heck. :upset :cry :? :sigh

Watertown, South Dakota, United States #8908

In my opinion, the employee of cash call is 100% right. I currently have a loan with cashcall.

I read everything and knew I will be paying a lot of money back. I am not happy about it, but I weighed my options. If you take a loan, you should take time out and read your loan. When people need money they take anything and not think of the outcome or future.

Working with people has made me realize how lazy most people are with paying bill. Don't wear an outfit that is too big for your size. People want to drive nice cars and work 2 jobs, that is YOUR choice. PAY YOUR BILLS!

I understand people loss jobs all the time, but I believe that happens rarely.

"Anonymous for your sake", I wish you could educate me on how you get millions on their feet, being that you are well educated. People like you disgust me.

Salem, South Dakota, United States #8887

:upset :x :upset :x :upset :x :upset :x :roll

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