I am a high ranking government official and also a retired serviceman from the Navy. My wife is still on active duty and this is the heat on Cash Call... They are not a legitimate company and the government has stopped them from dealing with or should i say scamming active duty service members because this is total devastation of a person's financial mentality and this company is on it's way to being thrown under the bus fast byt Uncle Sam...

He is coming for you Cash Call which is probably run by the mob or some dirty dealing dudes since it is in NV where they have ruled for years...

Cash Call prey on the weak with money problems giving loans with more than 100% on the return to their company. The best thing to do is to get a loan from them and then change bank accounts and take the hit on your credit and watch them take an even harder hit...

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Geilenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany #23418

Hey Aaron, how's your job with CashCall working out? Getting those bonuses at the expense of others?

Tiruchchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India #18163

Yes, I too got a loan from those ***bastards. I paid my monthly payment for a year, only to find out that I actually owed more money than I borrowed.

I stopped paying them and they began calling me up to 30 times a day. They would call my work three or four times a day. This is illegal!! I figured they wanted to go to war with this soldier, so I changed my bank account and phone number and just sat back and laughed at their faces!!

:zzz :p Thanks for the free 4,000 cashcall. ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I love it!!! LOL


Does cash call pay you to read these articles? You are an employee why else would you defend them they are crooks.

$30,000.00 for a $10,000.00 loan ya go ahead tell me thats moraly correct. Cash call will eventually go down.

People that use cc are usually in dire need and they are taking advantage off that. Its like having sex when the other person is too drunk to know thats called rape and thats what CC is doing to honest hard working people, Rape!

Cornelius, North Carolina, United States #5923

You sir are an ***. Its not ran by the mob, its ran by james paul reddam the previous owner of ditech mortgage .

Also, if you are a high ranking government official I would be surprised considering your lack of information regarding cashcall , and their legality. Next time you post such trash please do yourself a favor and research your arguement BEFORE you make yourself look ***. Is this what the Armed forces taught you?

Fire without Information? Also , If you think Cashcall is going anywhere , well , I have these special beans I want to sell you.

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