i took out a loan with Cash Call in 2007 for 5.000 dollars and they automatically withdraw 254.00 out of my account every month with the basis of that going to intrest i will not be finished paying them off until 2014 and if the funds are not available they try to go withdraw the funds again then charge a 15.00 fee. It is a sick disgrace to pray off inocent people who get caught up in bad situation with these easy no collateral loans.

They also call you up and treat you as if you are *** if the funds are unavailable don't they relize if people had money they wouldn't of borrowed in the first place. They should be stopped or at least have another way of billing for the loans

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All you guys are *** nuts. Especially to you who works at cash call


First of all, every time you borrowed money, you as a borrower is taking a risk. You have to read the contract carefully and don't signed if you think you are being charge too much.

That's the name of the game, you borrowed money, they will make you pay your debt plus with interest.

My suggestion is; if you can't afford it, don't buy it and just wait till you have enough money. :cry


well, you did borrow money and agreed to the terms of payment right? i don't see anything wrong with them automatically taking out the payment from your account if that's what's agreed on from the beginning..you must have agreed coz you gave them your routing and account number otherwise they won't be able to access your account w/o your permission...it is your responsibility to make sure there's money there..maybe instead of complaining try to talk to them and explain your situation maybe you could refinace or extend i don't know



First, I would like to say that I am sorry for your misfortune.

Second, I work for Cash Call. EVERYTHING is disclosed to you. It is your responsibility as an adult to make the right choice.

It is simple math. They told you the term and payment amount. Pull out a calculator and do the math. You are an adult, plain and simple. I dont understand how all you people complain about the company that loaned you money. We take a HUGE risk, there is no collateral to base the loan on.

Its the same thing with all you people loosing your houses because of A.R.M loans. If you make 50k a year, you as an ADULT should know you cant afford a 500k house.

Stand up and take responsibility for your self. YOU people are whats wrong with this country.


i to took out the same loan. to borrow 5000.00.

i thought i was going to be paying 10000.00 back now to find out it will cost 20000.00. what should i do call my lawyer? or does anyone have any suggestion. i wiil take legal mattter.

plz help before i do that. thanks

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