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I borrowed 2600 have paided 4300 and now they want another 3562. I don't think so.

They can sue me I don't care they are not getting another dime from me. They charge 96% interest. I can't beleive this is even legal. They just keep calling, that I don't care about.

But they are seriously *** me off. Now they are calling my father every other day and saying we won't call.

Before that called my husband's job and told my husband's all about what was going on. I know this is not legal and they agree it is not legal, but after they done it was too late his boss already know about the loan and the problem.

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to latweety. Hellooooooo when you took the loan you were informed of the rate and payments and how much it would be if you did not pay off early.

You also gave your references and were told they would be contacted if you failed to make your payments. Yes, the reason you went to cash call for a loan is that you don't pay your bills and your fico sucks. Now you aren't going to pay this loan and the cycle continues. you knew what you were getting into and you accepted the money.

now you are online wanting to sue and get something for nothing. Grow up and pay your bills and get your lifew together

to charlie Phoenix, Arizona, United States #708000

Charlie you are just a online ***. What a joke to just pile on when you know nothing.

I too took a loan from them as they funded quick and I had to bury my mom asap. I had already used my credit union and thought no worries I will pay this off in 6 months. I paid $3000 on a $5075 loan and they told me only a few dollars came off the balance. They FEE everything.

Even when not late I get charges. They are a joke and predatory. THe rate is illegal and they prey on people.

Stop being a twit and help. You're just part of the problem of society.


Contact your states Department of Banking also FTC - file complaints. Ask for suggestions.

Check your states usury laws.

Some loans may be illegal. How can CA charge 139% if in NJ you only can go as high as 30%


the collection tactics are not legal.

the rate is.

you would not have gone through cash call if your credit would have allowed you to go through anything else. admit that first. you signed the loan documents, whether you read them or not.

the reality is if you had the money for a lawyer you should just settle the balance with them and work on paying back your other delinquent or charged off balances.

or maybe you should sue cash call and then all of the other creditors that you have hosed over can sue you for your winnings in court.

as a former collector i have to say that i was thankful to live in a garnishment state - that way i didn't have to harass, if you ignored my calls and letters and fed-ex letters and certified mail - i would just garnish your wags or bank account.

do not blame others for your deficiencies in life


You need to see an attorney and sue these people. If you cannot afford one go to your local legal aid office.

What they are doing is NOT legal.

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