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My husband lost his job and was being sued in court oveer his ex and they sold his acount to cash call the intrest rates are terrible, he is now unemployed and cannot make the payment, I cannot make the payment, my husband has no income... what can i do to stop this..

i have tried to reach them to come to an agreement but to no prevail.. what can they do to us, we own our home.. I have closed our checking account... my bank will put my further in debt...

what can I do to resolve this issue..

with the high intrest rates and we were not aware that his acount was sold... until after the loan...

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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You actually have lots of options. Check bankruptcy, close all bank accounts, deal only with cash.

Selling the account has no bearing on anything that I can think of.

Threats have no bearing as well, only court papers. Check

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