This is the worst loan I have ever gotten. Everything is fine until you need a deferrment due to loss of employment or medical reasons.

The people you talk to are so rude and when I asked to speak with a supervisor she was worse than the reps I spoke with. They treat you like dirt! It is worse than a loan shark and should be banned for what they are doing. 100% interest rate!!!!

WOW!!! You end up paying twice as much as you borrowed and if you want to pay off early you still owe as much as borrowed. It's like 5 cents goes towrads the principal.

I will never ever do this again!

Review about: Cashcall Loan.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Thanks everyone i was thinking about a loan with cashcall now i'm going elsewhere 100% loan noway,cashcall keep your money charge your own A**,i rather be broke then be in a hole they put you in. :grin


:cry people people people, we all took loans out, because we were in financial trouble correct? how can you be pissed at cash call, for wanting to collect their money they lent you under their terms that you agreed to?

I just don't understand.

Why would you make minimum payments, knowing how long it would take ti pay off, and how much interest $$ you would throw away.

Does anybody own a ****ing calculator?


This place is unbelievable! Obviously they prey on the desperate by offering this "loan." I have no idea why anybody with ANY heart, can work for these people knowing what they are doing to those who have fallen on hard times.

All they do is make the hard times more difficult. Very sad!


I took the loan from cash call knowing the terms 5000.00 barrowed 2 years ago. I now owe 5136.00 i pay 254.03 per mounth my fault but they very very mean when im even 1 day late what a scam; im a sucker but i keep paying because thats just me HELP ME

Cashcall is a scam

The employees act like the money is coming out ot their pay check. I do not think that they get monitored like other companies.

I was not able to make payments because I was ill. They were not understanding at all.

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