got loan in 2013 for 1500$ payment was 198$ monthly, paid every month until got laid off. made arrangements with them of $75 monthly and now i found out its a daily interest of $11.99 plus annual interest of 239% this dam loan will never get paid off...you think your caught up then more fees accrue...this is bull ***..but they still saying i owe 2764.96 and until this date i paid them 2167.39 on a 1500$ loan

Im like everyone else got loan thru Western Sky, didnt even know loan was transferred to Cash Call no letters so phone calls no nothing.

NEED A CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT this has to be illegal

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Worst MISTAKE I have ever made. I cannot see the end in sight....yet.


You need a bankruptcy right away.

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #966534

how is it illegal? while it's unfortunate you lost your job you're still required to pay the bill.

you took it knowing the interest was so high. this is no one's fault but YOURS. you need to get off your soap box and take some responsibility for YOUR actions.

while I think these companies do scheme and scam on low income folks who are down on their luck. in the end it is YOU the consumer who choose to accept the loan so you must now deal with the consequences.

to notgivingit Chandler, Arizona, United States #973226

These loans are a scam and We as consumers don't know it til

It's too late...thanks for the negative support

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